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April 2018
April 2018

Weekend warriors are tracking the early emergence of spring. Spring is arriving earlier and earlier, altering the seasonal rhythms that plants and animals rely on. Climate change is causing spring to arrive earlier and earlier, posing a challenge for plants and animals — as well as the scientists who study them. 
Scientists have developed the first ever 3-D model of how melting snowflakes behave. Understanding the microphysics for melting snow can help people develop better precipitation models and make better weather forecasts.
Though it didn’t garner as much attention as the never-ending string of nor’easters, the biggest weather story of 2018 so far was Kauai’s epic deluge earlier this month. According to a preliminary analysis, the storm could’ve set an all-time record for the U.S.
Meteorologist Domenica Davis takes a look at when and where our next possible severe weather threat could come.
At least 10 youths were missing after they were swept away by a flash flood in the Negev Desert in southern Israel on Thursday, and seven others were in critical condition, police and emergency services said.
Pollution isn’t the only thing the 2017 hurricane season spread far and wide. Plants and animals were sloshed around by the storms too, and some wound up far from home, setting the stage for new ecological invasions.
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari looks at the temperature changes arriving when the calendar changes to May.
I’ve been traveling recently, and was unable to compose a proper photo story for today, so I hope you’ll indulge me if I just share a few pictures I took in and around Seattle yesterday.
It may be extra chilly up north this spring, but that cold air from our northern neighbor is helping limit tornadoes in the Midwest.
<p>While a pleasant end to the week is in store, the southeastern United States will first have to contend with locally strong thunderstorms into Thursday night.</p>
Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the forecast for next week's warm up.
HONOLULU — Lava overflowed from Kilauea's summit crater lava lake Wednesday, pouring onto the floor of Halemaumau Crater days after the largest...
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari looks at the official start of Hurricane season and when topical systems actually start to appear.
Rare heavy rainfall has pummeled the Egyptian capital and other parts of the country for a second day, with showers flooding roads and a new, leafy suburb east of Cairo. The state-run news agency MENA says the downfall, which began late Tuesday and continued Wednesday, forced authorities to close highways connecting Cairo to other provinces.
Meteorologist Danielle Banks follows the rising temperatures across the Midwest and East.
Visit now, before these sites disappear.
Alessandro Silvano Warm waters are pooling underneath Antarctic glaciers in a way that's causing glaciers to melt more rapidly and preventing the formation of cool water beneath Antarctica, according to...
Reed Timmer is Golden, Colorado where spring snow showers have began to cover the grass and left roads wet.
Tidal floods are a preview of what's to come as seas continue to rise. What happens during high tides now will happen on a regular basis in the future.
<p>A change in the weather pattern is likely to trigger one or more rounds of severe weather, including tornadoes, over the central United States next week.</p>
Ongoing drought and wildfires have cattle ranchers in at least five Southwestern U.S. states scrambling for hay or pastureland, while others are selling off some of their herds. Extreme to exceptional drought conditions have contributed to wildfires in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, delaying the growth of, or destroying grass and wheat used to feed cattle in spring.
Climate change isn’t just making weather more extreme. It’s making it more volatile. When California was in the midst of its wettest winter in 100 years in February of last year, 20 inches of rain fell in the Sierra Nevada over just three days, sending a record flow of water into the lake held back by the tallest dam in the United States.
<p>Following beneficial rain last Friday and Saturday, parts of the southern Plains still suffering from extreme to exceptional drought will receive more help from Mother Nature at midweek.</p>
Recent showers temporarily relieved drought conditions in parts of the southwestern United States, but dry weather will persist through the summer. The drought has contributed to numerous wildfires.&nbsp;
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