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March 2018
March 2018

Massachusetts has seen three nor’easters so far this month — and it might see a fourth fairly soon. A potential snowstorm could hit the state in the middle of this coming week, according to the National Weather Service. 
A low pressure system moving across the Southeast will develop into a nor'easter this week.
A new study shows that rising temperatures in the Himalayas have led to more avalanches. The tallest mountain range in the world — the Himalayas — are part of a region known as the “Third Pole.” These mountains, alongside the Tibetan Plateau and the Hindu Kush Mountains, are home to the largest permanent ice mass outside of the Arctic and Antarctic. 
The previous world record was set in 1994.
<p>A late-winter storm dumped heavy snow Friday on northern Nevada, closing schools and public buildings in the Reno area, delaying the opening of a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada and shutting down a highway to California.</p>
Capturing snowflakes isn't as easy as sticking out your tongue.At least not when you're trying to capture them for scientific study, which involves isolating the tiniest...
The amount of moisture received across the United States' southern high plains since October has been ridiculously low, and forecasters warned Friday that the intensifying drought has resulted in critical fire danger and some winter wheat crops being reduced to stubble across several states.
Here are a selection of the best photos of weather from the past week.
Another busy weekend of weather for much of the country.
After a dry February, March has been a change of pace for California ski resorts. Some areas have received nearly 100 inches of snow in just a few weeks time.
Stunning images of the Aurora Borealis.
Do you ever wonder what causes the pleasant smell of rain? The rain smell’s actual name is petrichor, coined by two Australian scientists in the 1960s.
Meteorologist Heather Tesch looks at the forecast for another "Beast from the East"
Boston has been planning for climate change, but plans couldn’t buffer it from this winter’s fierce storms.
You can see dramatic climate change impacts even in the dead of Arctic winter.&nbsp;
Cherry, peach and almond trees bloom in springtime around the world.
<p>Here's a closer look at some facts and life in the hottest place on Earth.</p>
Would you know what to do if you were driving down the highway and a piece of ice slammed into your windshield? They're called "ice missiles," chunks of ice and snow flying off the top of vehicles, and they're a hazard to drivers in cold climes. The Massachusetts State Police released a public service announcement instructing drivers how to clean the snow off their cars. They suggest using a broom specially designed for snow.
The forces of nature are not to be trifled with, as these houses prove
<p>The unsettled pattern that has brought needed rain and mountain snow to California this week will persist into the start of the weekend.</p>
With three nor'easters in approximately a week for the East Coast we are now watching for another storm that could happen right around the first few days of Spring 2018.What gives? e will be at 12:15 p.m. EDT. on Tuesday, March 20, 2018See our Official Spring Forecast, below:
A late-winter chill and three nor’easters in recent weeks have prompted a change of the peak bloom dates for Washington, D.C.’s popular cherry blossoms.
When snow starts to fall in New England, and the forecast calls for a nor’easter, many people feel comfort in knowing that they won’t have to get up, get dressed, and head into the office the following morning. But the same can’t be said for Somerville resident John Campopiano. He seems to relish in the idea of getting his suit ready for the following day, even before the snowy weather arrives. Well, suit might be the wrong term — it’s actually ...
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - North Carolina's Shelly Island may have vanished below ocean waters - possibly forever - but that's not discouraging the Virginia man who filed a deed for ownership of the mysterious landmass. Ken Barlow of Mechanicsville, Va., says his mile-long island is still there ... but it's no longer a separate island. It has merged - at least in part - with nearby Cape Point, he says. ...
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